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paint - dark brown

Dark brown paint can make a very dramatic and warm impact on a specific space.  It almost reads as a dark wood. 
To delineate a fireplace, I painted the entire wall it was on dark brown and it created a great effect.  I used Ralph Lauren paint but will never again.  It was the worst quality paint I have ever used.  It was runny, smeary, and very difficult to work with.  I would  recommend either Behr or Benjamin Moore.  A good dark brown color from Behr is called Melted Chocolate 250F-7.  You can get it at Home Depot.  Benjamin Moore makes a very similar color called kona AF-165.  you have to go to a specialty paint store that carries Benjamin Moore for this.
If you're going to go for it, I would recommend only painting one area since it is such a strong color.  Use it to highlight some architectural detail (such as what I've done with the fireplace) or to delineate space.  It would also work well as a color for details (such as on a stair handrail, window frame, etc.).

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