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designer lighting for less - FLOS

Lighting fixtures add tremendous character to any interior.  They not only create an atmospheric lighting environment, they also can be like a sculpture in the room.  Many designer light fixtures are fantastic - take FLOS for example.  They have been one of my favorite lighting manufactures for years.  They have incredible talent designing for them and create iconic and spectacular pieces.  The only problem is they can be quite pricey.  However, Ikea makes strikingly similar fixtures for a very small fraction of the price of the real thing.  Here are a few of my favorites:

design: Jasper Morrison 1998, hand blown glass, steel
12.9" diameter $520 |  17.7" diameter $604


mouth blown glass
12" diameter $39.99   

design: Jasper Morrison 1998
12.9" diameter $596


design: Philippe Starck 2003, polycarbonate $288



design: Archille Castiglioni 1988, aluminum, glass light bulbs 31" diameter $4984
(this is, by the way, one of my favorite lamps)


32" diameter $89.99
while this is obviously not an exact replica, it has a similar effect, and is the same scale. 
 FLOS Fantasma
Design: Tobia Scarpa 1961

design: Tobia Scarpa originally in 1961 and redesigned in 2005
72" $3,712   76.8"  $4,328

Ikea Dudeero
54" $14.99
Again, this is not an exact replica, but it has a similar feel.

Please click on the links for the FLOS pieces.  They take you to the Hive Modern site.  There is some great information on the designers and background on the fixtures.

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