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I like these modern, very reasonably-priced pendants from School House Electric:


original art

This is a really cool visual medium using layered paper to create an artful topographical landscape. Shown is one of Manhattan that is particularly cool, but I'd recommend checking out the rest of the collection here.


baby gift

These hand-made little wooden baby/toddler toys are excellent gifts for babies and kids of friends:
Just Hatched



This is a modern and minimal pendant that is sizable enough (23"H x 10"W) to stand on its own in a smaller space, or would look good in multiples where space permits. I'd like to see two hanging over a larger kitchen island. This would also be nice for a bedside fixture - installed hanging low just above bedside tables.


phone old/new

I love this idea. It's an excellent piece for those wanting a bit of traditional telephone-talking, but who also enjoy modern gadgets. It would look great in a home office or living room. Its construction seems sturdy and carefully built. iRetrofone from Etsy.


mirror grouping

This is a balanced arrangement of well-designed mirrors. I like the frames. They're called Porthole Mirror Collection from Viva Terra, available here for $369.

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