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design with light

I recently attended a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, a super cool outdoor venue in the Hollywood Hills.  It was very awesome - I saw John Williams and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  The way they lit the canopy over the stage illustrated a great point - the importance and power of lighting.  Lighting can completely transform a space.  See some examples below:

Notice the lightsabers in the audience!


rounded coffee tables

If you have a small living room (because maybe you live in New York City, for example) and furniture is cramped, it's critical to choose wisely so that circulation is still possible.  You want to be able to access all parts of the room comfortably.  One critical factor in selecting furniture is its scale.  Choose pieces that are not over-scale and imposing.  Compact pieces are better.  
Also, in certain areas, rounded pieces may afford more space.  In the case of my friends Wendy + Howie, they are currently using a rectangular coffee table and its sharp corners are blocking comfortable access to their gorgeous Eames lounge chair + ottoman.  I'm recommending a few oval or rounded shaped substitutes.

$1988  41"L  27.5"W  15"H

$699  54"L  20"W  16"H
$799 50"L  23"W  16"H


new table lamp from Jonathan Adler

I really love this new lamp from Jonathan Adler called the Relief Drip Lamp.  Made of porcelain, it has a really warm glow when lit and and fresh white look when not. 


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