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bedroom psychology

The most important thing a bedroom should convey is restfulness.  There are several things that can enhance the restfulness and several things that can detract from it.  
Here are some key points:
  • Keep the palette simple.  Too many different/jarring colors and patterns create a sense of liveliness.  A simple, neutral palette is easier on the eyes and is more relaxed.  I happen to be a fan of an all-white bed.  It is so neutral and acts as a blank canvas for colorful dreams.  Also, the color blue is notoriously soothing and a good color to use in a bedroom.
  • Do not do work in the bedroom.  Laying in bed with your laptop typing away work emails creates a working association with the bedroom and detracts from the restful atmosphere.  Energy becomes embedded into environments.  If you always work at your desk, sitting at it should inspire a feeling of productivity.  Similarly, working in bed alters the true purpose of being there, and makes it harder to fall asleep when you're ready to.
  • Do not have a desk in your bedroom.  This is for the same reason as not using a laptop in bed.  It brings work into the bedroom - the last place it should be.
  • Be careful about what television or movies you watch in your bedroom, if you want to have a television in your bedroom at all.  If you watch a scary movie in bed, and then go to sleep in the same room, I think the chances of having a nightmare become quite high!  Again, this has to do with the atmosphere created in the room, so overall, keep it related to sleep.

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