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Cardboardesign is an amazing company that makes furniture and accessories out of recycled/recyclable cardboard!  And, believe it or not, it looks awesome!  This is a "green" company located in New York.  Here are a few of my favorite/notable pieces:

Circle Wall
Price unknown (not yet available)

Liquid Number 2
The Liquid series is a continuous honeycomb cell shape that is flexible and sturdy.  This can be configured a 7 different ways.  As a vase, bowl, place mat, centerpiece, etc, depending on how you arrange it, flip inside out.

Liquid Number 3
can be used in in 5 different shapes

Or you can combine two pieces together:
 Shown on the left is Liquid Number 1 + Liquid Number 2
$37.50 + $25

They have a lot more shapes and options available on their website - this just gives you an example of what they can do.  It's really fun!

They even make shelves and chairs!

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