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Sarah's office

My friend Sarah wrote in requesting some help.  The photo on the left is of her existing office:

First I'd like to say that I think she's done a really nice job in here and it's just about there.  I think it only needs a couple things.

Her number one question and issue was regarding lighting.  It is (in her words) nonexistent.  Also, she think it needs something else, like a mirror.  I think this mirror idea is the perfect solution to add some decoration to the room and make it feel larger as well.  As far as the lighting is concerned you have a couple options.

Since the J-box is off center, it might not be a great idea to hang a light from it.  Unless it's right over the desk, it will look strange.  Track lighting would be awkward with the deer head.  If the j-box can be relocated to the center, a nice large pendant would be great in there.

Here is what it could look like:

Another lighting option is a floor lamp that extends over the desk.  With this option you wouldn't have to worry about relocating the j-box.

Here is where the mirrors and lamps are from:

And here are a couple lower priced options for lighting:

Ikea 365+ Brasa

Architect satin steel floor lamp

Jumbo Architect Floor Lamp

And another way to go:
Crystal Pendant

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