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New York Apartments

If you live in New York City, chances are you have a small apartment.  You're lucky if you have a living room and a bedroom as opposed to a studio.  Figuring out how to arrange your furniture is especially tricky because space is so limited.  Here are a few general tips:
  • Keep it minimal.  Don't overcrowd with a lot of furniture.
  • Multipurpose pieces.  Each pieces should serve more than one function because space is at a premium.  The dining table could act as a desk for example.  Use a laptop to avoid requiring a desk for a large desktop configuration.
  • Use small-scale furniture.  This will make the space feel larger.
  • Be clever with storage.  Build shelving near the ceiling for infrequently-used books.  This could run along the perimeter of the room, creating a nice library-type effect.  Bowls, vases, etc., could go up there too. 
  • Select furniture that has storage.  A coffee table that holds things is a good option.  Maximizing on the amount of your items that are stored in something will decrease the feeling of clutter.
  • Be creative with what is considered "furniture."  In my New York apartment, I used a great-looking curtain as a headboard.  I mounted it to the wall above the bed, and defined the bedroom space with it.  It took up virtually no room, and was a good looking solution.  Paint could also accomplish this.
  • Make sure circulation is free and easy.  Don't have pieces blocking your path, because that will make the room feel more cramped.

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