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laying out a room

Last week I had dinner with a friend of mine from Parsons - we took Color Theory together.  She's actually a fashion designer, and was in LA for work.  She was telling me that sometimes she gets overwhelmed when arranging furniture in her apartment, so here are general tips for laying out a room.

First, think about the primary uses of the room.  These functions should determine where the most important pieces are located.  Start with that and then fill in the rest.

For instance, in a Den maybe the two primary functions are watching TV and reading on the sofa.  This would make the TV placement and sofa placement the most important.  Then, add side tables, coffee tables, and comfortable lounge chairs that support these uses.  Put in some bookshelves, make sure there is plenty of reading light available for the reading spots and there - you're done.  Den.  On the left is an example.

Another example: the bedroom.  In the bedroom, it's mostly about sleeping.  So the bed should be the center and focal point of the room.  Getting dressed is also a big part of the room, so easy access to clothing and space to get dressed is important.  The bed should feel tucked away from the front door, (not facing it) and not crammed into a corner.  Provide space around the bed to access it from three sides.  Making the bed will be easier and getting into it from both sides is possible.  Example on the left.

This should help get you started.  Again, if you are confused about your room, email me a photo and I'll sketch up a floor plan .

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