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inflatable Chesterfield sofa

My Friend Tiffany, an accomplished interior designer, makes a really useful inflatable sofa that's available for sale here.
Here is the description from her website:
"Mobile, stylish and simply marvelous. The new ChestAIRfield has all the benefits of a traditional Chesterfield-style sofa without the disadvantages. The ChestAIRfield Inflatable 3 Person Sofa was designed and engineered as a modern interpretation of a traditional classic style. These sofas can be used indoors for elegant and stylish living or outdoors on the patio or by the pool while "chill-laxing."  The ChestAIRfield sofa is a high-end inflatable, constructed of durable PVC. It can be inflatable in just two minutes with the included external A/C pump. If you've spent the evening on your ChestAIRfield with a loved one and a bottle of wine and gotten a little "too romantic", a patch kit has also been included to extend the life of your sofa."

It is also going to be available in white soon - which I think will look really good! 
Sofa $170  Chair $120

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