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To me (and I know I might be alone on this) hardly anything is better than Halloween.  I love the creative costumes, its unique color scheme (black + orange = awesome) the sweets, and especially the decorations.  

One great way to turn your house into a home is to decorate it for the holidays.  Pulling out the things that you only use that one time a year makes it feel special.  The extra thought that goes into it is what makes it feel like a true home, and not a rental apartment.  

Case in point: Christmas.  If you take the time to shop for, pick out, erect, decorate, and light a tree in your residence, it will instantly give it that warm, cozy feeling of being home.  So, since it's October I'm dedicating this post to fun Halloween-themed items you can put in your home this month!

this could be used alone as a centerpiece, or as a serving dish.  The orange is bright and festive.  $34.95

for the sophisticated trick-or-treater  $6-$29

you get it, awesome.  $19.95


the do-it-yourself: paper bag luminaries

and of course, the classic, Jack-O-Lantern

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